Octo Gas Detection

Octo Gas Detection

The Octo is a mobile gas detector system for use on onshore and offshore assets.

It is designed to operate as a protection and shutdown system for hot work safety in Ex Zones 1 and 2. The unit shuts down any connected electrical equipment, and gives audible and visual alarms when gas is detected.


The Octo gas leak detector system is highly adaptable for use in all areas and is supplied built into a lifting frame and with a heavy-duty wheel set. This enables the user to place the device at almost any point of the asset and monitor for gases. The lifting frame allows the unit to be moved with ease around offshore assets.

Integration with mobile generators
Working in collaboration with Chalwyn UK, Octo features a unique interface that allows the system to connect to any mobile generator to provide a world first 'universal' generator ignition shutdown. The system also works alongside Chalwyn’s market leading Rigsaver over speed air intake shutoff valve.

This unique system ensures the highest level of safety for your personnel and assets. Whenever and wherever you need to monitor gases in zoned areas, you have the benefit of automatically controlled power management.

  • Easy-to-use and portable gas detection
  • Market leading ignition shutdown system
  • Universal connection to generators
  • Use both onshore and offshore
  • Control power to four sources

Mobile Distribution Unit

The Octo works perfectly with our easy to use and portable MDU. The system can provide two additional 440v sockets and is easily connected to the Octo system via a communication cable. This enables the user to carry out welding projects in multiple locations under the protection of the Octo Gas Detection system with its in-built automatic shutdown feature. On gas being detected, or the emergency stop being activated, the welding tools will be disabled.